Future Plans

Christian Vocational Education

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Ministry in Addis Ababa will progress into a Christian, residential, vocational campus in the rolling mountains outside of the capital.

After building relationships through the tutoring center in Addis Ababa, the next step is to provide a more holistic approach supporting the many needs of children neglected due to extreme poverty.

The residential vocational campus will be located outside the capital. Proximity to the capital allows easy access to supplies and by volunteer workers, and yet it is a world away from the problems of life on the streets experienced by these children.

This campus will start small, opening with housing and workshop/classrooms for 2 or 3 vocational programs and around 30 kids.

The programs of study will eventually include areas such as mechanics, carpentry, clothing design and tailoring, computer studies, plumbing, and many other skill sets that are employable within the current economy of Ethiopia. These vocational programs are meant to allow these homeless teens to learn a trade in a relatively short period of time that would allow them to support themselves and get started on their own upon graduation. Even the small fees and supplies required to attend public schools are not something these young adults could afford unless they have some job that will allow them to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves while paying the small fees of area schools.

The vocational skills learned will allow students to get a job and continue their academic courses of study in neighboring public schools. And for those students who want to venture into business, the vocational studies along with small business training will help them become entrepreneurs. While pursuing the course of study of their choice on campus, all students will be able to take advantage of literacy classes in Amharic and English, rotating workshops in resume building, communication skills, marketing for small businesses, advertising, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and other compatible areas of study.

To best provide the environment needed for homeless teens to focus on school, our students will move off the streets to safe, residential homes on the campus. Students will live in dorm style settings with Ethiopian, Christian “parents” living on site. In an effort to holistically approach the body, mind, and soul of each student, all will have access to weekly chapel services and bible classes, health clinic services and preventative health and nutrition classes, as well as periodic counseling services and mentoring support groups. Students will be encouraged to get involved in at least one weekly physical activity / sports group. Students will also be able to apply for work study jobs on campus which will provide some on the job training and start a personal savings to be used upon graduation. All students will be required to complete community service hours before graduation from their program which encourage a philosophy of service while giving back to the surrounding community.

As a faith-based non-profit, we hope to offer a Christian environment to these students, but attendance is not dependent upon their religious beliefs. No student will be turned away because of their religion.

All house parents, teachers, and staff working at the school will be required to go through periodic and surprise evaluations to ensure the safety of all children. Required workshop trainings for staff and faculty will also be provided in parenting skills, teaching skills, counseling techniques, and safety training. The physical and emotional safety of the children will be our top priority.



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