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Lighting the Ethiopian Path (LEP) enables vulnerable youth and children on the streets to find a new path in life.  By training young adults to become grassroots leaders who deliver life-skills mentoring, remedial education, and character development to their neighbors, we seek to create sustainable change.  

We know that the struggles that have left individuals and families in despair are not as strong as the collective strength of our communities.  LEP seeks to light the pathway by drawing on these strengths.

Community coaches teach character development through sports and community leaders teach life skills through mentoring.  Service changes mindsets, and so we also serve others as a group to remind us all that we can do this together.  And soon, LEP will begin a ministry to children on the streets in partnership with Made in the Streets.  LEP will help them begin a transition from the drugs and dangers of life on the streets to the discipline and love of life lived in a community of compassion.  Eventually this will include residential homes, basic literacy, vocational training, and the ability to gain enterprise development skills so that they can lead the way for another generation.   As we know that emotional and spiritual support is needed to encourage an environment that allows transformation, LEP is also working to plant a church ready to serve those most in need together.


Read more about the Lion of Judah Football program, the Streetlight Learning Center, our community ministries, and our plans for 2 Years of Transformation.

Get ready! Change is coming!!

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