Lion of Judah Football Program

Lion of Judah Football Program

Football crosses all boundaries. It is a sport that requires discipline, hard work, respect, and quick thinking. Every player has to depend on the entire team while improving personally, much likeNOKIA Lumia 900 Dereje Aleme_002963 life in our struggling community.

At LEP, we see the growing youth population in East Africa as asset to the nation.  Finding safe and productive ways for adolescents to come together, especially with mentors from their community, is key to creating a better future.  Sports is one of the greatest tools for reaching our youth. Kids play pickup games in the streets all the time, but most lack a soccer ball, space to play, and a coach.  In addition, many of our youth are on the verge of homelessness.

Lion of Judah team photosConnecting to a group of caring mentors in a sports program that teaches life skills as well as character development prepares them for important life decisions, shows them how to serve others, and encourages them to stay in school.

With 375+ youth currently coming together to play in the Lion of Judah program, we are excited about the character development, conflict resolution skills, and plain old fun that soccer provides…especially when training with coaches and mentors who know the challenges unique to our community.

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Lion of Judah team photos

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