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Ethiopia, her unique culture, heritage, and beauty is and will always be at the heart of our program.  LEP began working in Ethiopia in 2013, and is now effectively using sports to create long term change that has resulted in growth at individual, team, and community levels. 

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We desire to develop servant leaders in each group of young people with whom we work. Servant leadership or the “desire to serve first” is a characteristic that must be nurtured. Some of the best servant leaders in history, those who have truly made an impact in the world, are those that have faced significant obstacles first. We proudly work with all youth, but especially within communities that know what it means to help each other overcome difficulties. Some of our youth have experienced life on the streets, domestic violence, drug abuse, prison, extreme poverty or other types of trauma. Others have overcome incredible odds to reach their goals and are ready to serve as leaders of change for another group of youth. Serving to empower others….that’s sustainable change.


Abyssinia, the Cradle of Humanity, Home of the Ark of the Covenant, Queen Sheba's homeland, Source of the Nile, The Water Tower of East Africa, Home to the Camelot of Africa, Emperor Haile Selassie, and the Birthplace of Coffee 

No matter how you know Ethiopia, there's likely much more to learn. Ethiopia's biodiversity, archeological finds, architectural distinction, unique art, geopolitical importance to the region, and religious traditions are truly exceptional. Environmental diversity stands out with both one of the lowest point on earth and the hottest in the Danakil Depression, but also tropical forests in the south and one of the highest mountain ranges in Africa in the north- the Simien Mountains.  Ethiopia is the source of the Blue Nile and spring-fed streams that run across most of the country. There are desserts, historic salt mines, and even volcanic lakes.

One can find temples built for the worship of the sun that date back to the time of the Prophet Isaiah, 11th Century monolithic temples that were modeled after Jerusalem, and Ethiopian Orthodox churches on almost every hill. She is home to some of the most significant religions locations for both Christians and Muslims.

She is the only nation in Africa with its own alphabet and calendar. Ethiopia is the only nation on the continent that was never colonized.  

So grab a cup of Ethiopian coffee and take some time to learn a little more about a nation that is much more than you may have guessed. 

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