LEP’s roots are in Ethiopia but we are now expanding into Kenya as well. We hope to see program locations in Uganda, Somalia, Eritrea, and Tanzania in coming years. Character development and community change through sports is effective. Let’s help the youth of each program location become part of a much larger East African movement.


We desire to develop servant leaders in each group of young people with whom we work. Servant leadership or the “desire to serve first” (https://www.greenleaf.org/what-is-servant-leadership/) is a characteristic that must be nurtured. Some of the best servant leaders in history, those who have truly made an impact in the world, are those that have faced significant obstacles first. We proudly work with all youth, but especially within communities that know what it means to help each other overcome difficulties. Some of our youth have experienced life on the streets, domestic violence, drug abuse, prison, extreme poverty or other types of trauma. Others have overcome incredible odds to reach their goals and are ready to serve as leaders of change for another group of youth. Serving to empower others….that’s sustainable change.

Lighting the Ethiopian Path East Africa football

How often do you think of success stories when you think of East Africa? Sadly, the media has often portrayed only the tragedy and despair. Even the number of youth in East Africa is often seen as “peril” rather than “promise”. One United Nations Development Program article discussed the 3800 deaths of African migrants on overcrowded boats crossing the Mediterranean in 2016 in the following way, “most know the dangers they face on the route, yet still choose the possibility of death in overcrowded and unseaworthy vessels over the hopelessness of life in areas they reside. Consider this. Every 24 hours, nearly 33,000 youth across Africa join the search for employment. About 60% will be joining the army of the unemployed. Africa’s youth population is growing rapidly and is expected to reach over 830 million by 2050.” - http://www.ke.undp.org/content/kenya/en/home/blog/2017/8/14/promise-or-peril-africa-s-830-million-young-people-by-2050.html

But we know the promise side of the story. Stories that inspire hope and the belief that something spectacular is happening in Africa need to be shared with the youth of Africa. And fortunately, many of those young change makers are on the verge of sharing their inspiring stories. Join these African youth on the journey to change. Sponsor a team. Make a donation. Volunteer your time. Let’s empower the promise of the growing number of African youth who will soon be leading this region of the world.